ISLAMABAD: The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has increased the price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) by Rs11.7 per kg for December 2022 as compared to last month. The government in a bid to provide some relief in winter decreased the price of kerosene oil; however, increased the LPG price which is largely used by consumers facing low gas pressure or gas load shedding. The regulator notified the new price of LPG cylinders on Thursday. The maximum LPG consumer price of a domestic cylinder weighing 11.8kg has surged by Rs139 to Rs2,548 for December 2022.

According to the notification, the maximum producer price for domestic cylinders with General Sales Tax (GST) has been fixed at Rs2,065 including the producers’ price of Rs1,709, Rs55 petroleum levy, and Rs300 GST.

The maximum producer price was calculated at Rs175,006 per metric ton, including the producers’ price of Rs144,909, Rs4,669 petroleum levy, and Rs25,428 GST. The OGRA has fixed the maximum LPG consumer price of domestic cylinders at Rs2,548 including Rs413 marketing, distribution, and transportation margins and Rs70 GST. The LPG prices will be regulated with a maximum price at all levels of the supply chain. However, producers, marketing companies, and distributors may sell below the maximum price determined from time to time, as further mentioned in the notification.