ISLAMABAD: Ministry of Energy (Petroleum Division and Power Division) on Monday held a meeting to discuss fuel requirement for the summer months 2023.

According to Directorate General Gas (Petroleum Division), National Power Control Centre (NPCC), an arm of NTDC, has submitted following projections on the information provided by SNGPL related to availability of RLNG for power sector during the period of April-Sept 2023 (summer 2023): (i) April 2023- tentative availability of RLNG for power, 550 MMCFD; (ii) May 2023, 545 MMCFD; (iii) June 2023, 515 MMCFD; (iv) July 2023, 470 MMCFD; (v) August 2023, 490 MMCFD; and (xi) September 2023, 455 MMCFD. The tentative supply to power sector will be based on the following assumptions: (i) indigenous gas projection is based on current input trends and profiles provided by the field operators; (ii) RLNG input is based on the re-gas profile shared by the LNG suppliers, i.e., without spot cargoes. However, PLL has communicated that it shall be retaining 117 MMCFD, 127 MMCFD, 128 MMCFD, 122 MMCFD, 128 MMCFD and 128 MMCFD for the months from April-September 2023, respectively, for supply to KE’s new plant; (iii) SSGC retention has been assumed @ 75 MMCFD; (iv) captive power shall be supplied @ 50 per cent of average consumption; (v) RLNG supply to fertilizer sector shall continue; and (vi) no supply to CNG Punjab for these months.

In addition, Directorate General of Gas has stated that SNGPL shall endeavour to provide committed volumes to power sector unless unforeseen circumstances compel otherwise. Further, in case PLL procures spot cargoes for the period, supply to power sector shall be increased proportionally.

National Power Control Centre had determined the accumulated fuel requirement of 315,730 MTs for power sector for three months, i.e., November and December 2022 and January 2023, subject to supply of 165 MMCFD of RLNG each month, official sources told Business Recorder.

NPCC said in November 2022, RFO demand for Altas power plant, Liberty Tech, Nishat Chunian, Nishat Power, Lalpir, Saba and Pakgen was zero whereas demand for Hubco Narowal was 4944 MTs, Attock Gen 17748 MTs, and KEL 12080.

In December 2022 and January 2023 RFO requirement for Atlas would be 18902 MTs and 20088 MTS, Liberty Tech 17126 MTs and 15289 MTs, Nishat Chunian 13168 MTs and 7531 MTs, Nishat Power, 13236 MTs and 10333 MTs, Hubco Narowal 16417 MTs and 16005 MTs, Lalpir, 3889 MTs and 9544 MTs, Saba Power, 10150 MTs and 5804 MTs, Attock Gen 21971 MTs and 19263 MTs, KEL 33300 MTs and 13884 MTs and Pakgen 33300 MTs in December but zero in January 2023.

This shows total requirement of HSFO (RFO) for November 2022 at 34,773 MTs, for December 163,215 MTs and 117,742 MTs in January 2023. According to General Manager, Sajjad Akhtar System Operator (NPCC) policy load management of two hours is considered as per the direction of the Power Division (MoE).—MUSHTAQ GHUMMAN