KARACHI: Water supply to parts of Karachi remained affected on Thursday after Two 72 inch diameter lines of Karachi Water and Sewerage Board’s (KW&SB) Dhabejee Pumping Station developed faults due to power breakdown by K-Electric, according to KW&SB.

Chief Engineer Bulk KW&SB said that the repair work of line number one PRRC will be completed in the next four days while the repair work of line number five will be completed in the next twenty four hours.

After the fault, only few pumps are operational, while water supply to the city continues through alternative lines.

According to the KW&SB spokesperson, the power breakdown at Dhabejee Pumping Station took place at 10:25 a.m this morning, While the power was restored at the Pumping Station at 01:40 p.m.

Line number-1 PRRC and line number five at Dhabejee Pumping Station were affected due to power breakdown.

On receiving the information, the Chief Engineer Bulk, SE Bulk, EE Gharo Division and other Water Board officials reached at Dhabejee Pumping Station and inspected the affected lines.

CEO KW&SB gave special instructions to the concerned officers that the restoration work of both the affected lines should be completed on an emergency basis.

The KW&SB officials started the restoration work of the affected lines.

All major KWSB pumping stations including Dhabeji are not only exempt from loadshedding, but alternative supply sources are also available to supply electricity in an emergency situation.