ISLAMABAD: Among the finance ministers of the past, Ishaq Dar retained the most valuable gifts that he received during official foreign visits, records of Toshakhana have revealed.

He received a total of 11 gifts during his official visits to foreign countries and retained 10 of them by paying Rs1,767,400 against their total assessed value of Rs5,987,100.

On the other hand, Shaukat Aziz as finance minister received 59 gifts having an assessed value of Rs546,943 and retained 57 by paying Rs51,525. As adviser to the prime minister on finance and economic affairs, he received six gifts with an assessed value of Rs72,300 and retained four of them by paying Rs7,800.

Ishaq Dar received (a) one bed spread/ sheet, with case (ValeronJakar NV TK Glossary 240x220 TAS) and (b) one silver bowl, with case, of assessed value of Rs9,000 and Rs6,000 and retained by them depositing Rs1,000.

He received one desk clock of assessed value of Rs1,600 which was auctioned for Rs2,050. Dar received one carpet with assessed value of Rs12,000 and retained it by paying Rs400. He also received a wristwatch, Vacheron Constantine, of assessed value of Rs660,000 and retained it by depositing Rs130,000.

Ishaq Dar received one carpet of assessed value of Rs35,000 and retained it by paying Rs5,000. Another carpet (5’x7’) having an assessed value of Rs35,000 was received as well as retained by him by depositing Rs5,000.

He received one decoration piece having an assessed value of Rs8,500 and retained it free of cost. He received one carpet of assessed value of Rs30,000 and retained it by paying Rs4,000.

One wristwatch, Rolex Black Index W5UM02636, with assessed value of Rs750,000 was received by him which he retained by paying Rs148,000. He received another wristwatch, Rolex Oyster Perpetual No 116681, having an assessed value of Rs980,000 that he retained by paying Rs194,000.

Ishaq Dar received (a) one wristwatch (Christophe Claret); (b) a pair of cufflinks; (c) one ring; (d) one pen (Aurora); and (e) one Tasbih of assessed values of (a) Rs2,500,000, (b) Rs2,200,000, (c) Rs1,100,000, (d) Rs80,000 and (e) Rs550,000, and retained them by paying Rs1,280,000.

Shaukat Aziz received on tablecloth with napkins of assessed value of Rs1,000 that were auctioned for Rs671. He received one pen, Montblanc of assessed value of Rs27,000 and retained it by paying Rs2,550. He also received a carpet of Rs7,500 and retained it free of cost.—TAHIR AMIN