‘The Toshakhana under national or perhaps global focus’

Mahmood Abbas


This is apropos a letter to the Editor carried by the newspaper yesterday. In my view, however, the gifts received by our dignitaries must be auctioned off in dollars. Secondly, less than 10 percent, 10 percent and even 20 percent payments against the Toshakhana gifts by the rulers do not do justice to the state of the national exchequer as such ‘deals’ that are inked under the relevant Toshakhana rules are invariably skewed in favor of buyers, not the state. Insofar as the sale of Toshakhana gifts by former prime minister Imran Khan is concerned, the higher court is seized with the matter or reference in this regard. Hence, the need for avoiding any comment on a matter which is sub judice at this point in time. Having said that, I underscore the need for rewriting the Toshakhana rules in order to ensure, among other things, greater transparency and fairness in all real or perceived Toshakhana deals.