ISLAMABAD: Google Developers Group Islamabad and Women Techmakers Islamabad jointly hosted a conference to mark International Women’s Day (IWD) on the theme “Dare To Be.”

The conference was a resounding success, featuring valuable insights from talented tech women and the industry’s brightest minds, said a press release.

The event celebrated diversity by inviting not only professionals, but also students from various backgrounds, the transgender community and the differently abled, to motivate them to embrace their aspirations, ambitions, dreams, and share them with others.

This years’ IWD theme was about encouraging each other to be their authentic selves, and to break stereotypes. The conference explored what it means to be audaciously bold, to walk through the world with courage and confidence.

The conference kicked of with a keynote by Ali Naqi Rizvi, Co-Manager, Google Developers Group (GDG), who explained the background of GDG Islamabad, introduced the team, and took a trip down memory lane.

Sarwat Rizvi, Women Techmakers Ambassador & Data Science Consultant, Convergent Business Technologies, dove into the details on what our theme “Dare To Be” truly means, how the agenda for this year’s IWD was intricately designed to provide a platform to the next generation of female leaders and underrepresented communities.

Usman Nazir, Director Business Systems & Analysis, S&P Global, demonstrated his commitment to building a team that values diversity and inclusivity. “At S&P Global, we not only focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) internally, but also partner up with like-minded organizations to multiply the power and influence of DEI for a collective win. S&P Global has a very diverse product portfolio and to accelerate progress and power the markets of the future, we strive towards building empowered and inclusive teams that, in turn, build these diverse product lines,” said Usman Nazir.

A panel discussion “Dare To Be” was designed to inspire and motivate individuals to break barriers and reach their full potential. The panel featured a stellar line-up of panelists, including Samia Qamar, Director People, S&P Global; Aisha Sarwari, Director Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability, Coca-Cola Company; Hira Zainab, Project Director, Asia Pacific ICT Alliance; Cynia Ejaz, Regional Head North, Daftarkhwan, and the moderator, Ayesha Khawaja, Human Resource Manager, Wolfiz/GDG.

A talk by Rashida Riaz, Business Owner, Resin by Rashida, also known as the Iron Lady, captivated the audience with her journey of hard work that led her to become a successful entrepreneur. Her story taught everyone, how one can turn their dream into reality just through resilience and hard work.—PR